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Last anniversary we advised the above believable theories for the dematerialization in July 1937 of Amelia Earhart in her admirable Lockheed Electra.  But there are other, minor, theories, and some absolutely camp ones, as follows.

Japanese kanji How to write rose 薔薇 - YouTube
Japanese kanji How to write rose 薔薇 – YouTube | How To Write Rose In Japanese

First: Amelia became Tokyo Rose.  This is the silliest approach of all. There was no one actuality who advertisement as Tokyo Rose, although Iva Ikuku Toguri D’Aquino was accused afterwards WW II, imprisoned, pardoned by President Ford in 1977, and died in Chicago at age 90.  Earhart looked annihilation like D’Aquino.  And there is no affirmation of any affiliation amid any Japanese advertising broadcasters and Earhart.

Second: Amelia survived the blast and WW II, and confused to New Jersey to become a banker.  This was proposed in 1970 by Joe Klass in his McGraw-Hill book Amelia Earhart Lives.  Klass claimed that broker Irene Bolam of Middlesex County, N.J. was Amelia, based on her slight affinity to Earhart and the actuality that Bolam was a pilot.  Bolam denied the claim, sued Klass for $1.5 million, and the book was clearly withdrawn.  But you can still buy the book, acclimated but useless, on Amazon for $8.95.

Third: Earhart comatose in the Nikumaroro atoll lagoon in what is now the Republic of Kiribati. This accessory (silly?) approach was proposed in March 2021, aback Mike Ashmore of California anticipation he spotted the alike or a addition aloof off Taraia Point in the NE allotment of the lagoon, on an Apple Maps image.  He additionally anticipation he spotted SOS letters in underwater beach on the island in old photographs.  I accept advised the lagoon application Google Earth and see nothing. From my abundant acquaintance in analytic for absent aircraft, I apperceive that aerial photos generally accord ambiguous images, and that aeroplane wrecks can be adamantine to atom alike in actuality from absolutely nearby. TIGHAR has physically searched the lagoon on several expeditions. And why would a castaway address a ache bulletin underwater, aback there are afar of accomplished beaches on Niku?  Go to, and see what you think.

Japanese Kanji Symbol Rose Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 6
Japanese Kanji Symbol Rose Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 6 | How To Write Rose In Japanese

Fourth: Earhart comatose off Buka island in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Bill Snavely of Salisbury, Maryland has proposed that Earhart encountered able 20 bond headwinds, accomplished allotment way to Howland that she was not action to accomplish her destination, and angry aback to the abutting airfield, a 2300-foot aerodrome on Buka. He has articular and affable on the bits acreage of a non-military, two-engined aircraft in 100 anxiety of seawater off Buka, that looks like the Electra. (See  He feels he needs $500,000 to do a able campaign to verify this theory. (I advance a $50,000 added recon accomplishment should be the abutting step.)

This accessory approach seems unlikely, back radio operators on Howland were assertive that Earhart was adjacent and her radio signals were actuality apprehend “5 by 5.”  But contempo assay by TIGHAR scientist Greg George of Illinois has apparent that sunspot action about the time of the dematerialization was phenomenally high, and could possibly accept resulted in Earhart’s radio signals actualization able at Howland, aback she was absolutely 1760 abyssal afar away.

To get circuitous in the chase for Amelia, you should apprehend up on the case at, and conceivably accompany that organization.  Some of their assay is in “true believer”—style advocating for the Niku theory, but best is acceptable cold science.  Then apprehend the best accurate book on the case, Amelia Earhart’s Shoes, (2nd edition) by Dr. Tom King, Kenton Spading, et al.

Japanese kanji symbol for BEAUTY & Free Download!
Japanese kanji symbol for BEAUTY & Free Download! | How To Write Rose In Japanese

Getting hooked?  Contact to get on the notification account for any approaching Earhart expeditions – this biking acumen close organized accomplished Earhart “expeds,” and does circuitous trips for accurate groups to appearance eclipses and added phenomena. Participation ability amount about $11,000 for everything, per person.  Betchart will acceptable be broke if the “next big thing” comes to canyon – a added abstraction of Niku and its absolute history as a apple of cultural and ecology change.  This has been proposed by able archaeologist Dr. Richard Pettigrew of the Archaeology Legacy Institute in Oregon. ALI additionally sponsors anniversary accurate seminars on the Earhart case. (See

Getting REALLY keen?  Let’s say you accept a actor dollars to absorb on your chase for Amelia, and you appetite to optimize your success probability. This is absolutely the botheration faced every day by chase and rescue/recovery (SAR) teams.  We use Mattson voting, area aggregation associates abstraction the facts of the case, carve up the area into regions, again vote in abstruse on the anticipation of anniversary arena captivation the victim.  The votes are tallied and the consistent accumulation accord drives the ability allocation.  Amazingly, this arrangement works actual well.

My Mattson vote in the Earhart case is: 50% for Nikumaroro (with the bodies on bank and the alike adopted in added than 5000 anxiety of seawater); 10% for comatose abreast Howland; 20% for comatose in the Howland-Niku corridor; 5% for comatose and captured in the Marshalls; 5% for comatose abreast Buka, PNG; 1% for in the Niku lagoon; and 9% for what SAR teams alarm “ROW” (rest of world).  This agency basically, “We accept no blood-soaked idea, but she is alfresco the defined chase regions.”  This is a abundant change from 2017, aback I would accept voted 80% for Niku.

How to Pronounce Sakura
How to Pronounce Sakura | How To Write Rose In Japanese

So, alpha spending your actor dollars, and acceptable hunting!

Photos address Lew Toulmin

Japanische Schrift Rose Kanji Geschenkidee Japan’ Tasse Spreadshirt | How To Write Rose In Japanese

Lew Toulmin, PhD, FRGS, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of The Explorers Club.  He has formed in 30 developing countries and catholic to 145 of the world’s 196 nations.  He and his wife Susan alive in Silver Spring. 

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How to Write Love in Japanese (with Pictures) – wikiHow | How To Write Rose In Japanese

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